53-Year Old Woman Arrested for DUI

After getting involved in a suspected DUI car crash, 53-year old Marla Shrem was arrested for allegedly driving under the influence. According to report, the incident took place in the area of 1400 West Glades Road. It was found out through a breathalyzer test that Shrem’s BAC level at the time of the incident was […]

Casper Man Faces Fourth DUI Charge

Steven VenJohn pleaded guilty to his fourth DUI charge in Natrona County District Court last Thursday morning. After entering into a guilty plea agreement, a misdemeanor charge of driving a car without an interlock device was eventually dropped. According to record, VenJohn has previous DUI charges including two in 2008, two in 2009 and the […]

LeBron James’ Father Faces DUI Charge

Eddie Gene Jackson, identified as LeBron James’ surrogate father, was arrested last Wednesday morning in Miami Beach for allegedly driving under the influence. According to report, Jackson was spotted nearly running a red light at 20th Street and Washington Avenue when the police pulled him over. When asked to perform the field sobriety test, Jackson […]

23-Year Old Woman Charged with DUI

Jeanette Romero was charged last Friday with driving under the influence and vehicular manslaughter after getting involved in a fatal car crash that killed two of her friends. According to report, Romero was at a bar in downtown Los Angeles together with her four friends the night of the incident. After Romero left the bar, […]

22-Year Old Driver Arrested on Suspicion of DUI

After getting involved in a car crash on northbound on-ramp to Highway 101, Victor Mandujano was arrested last Sunday for allegedly driving under the influence. According to report, Mandujano was driving a Chevrolet Silverado on southbound on Petaluma Boulevard when it went off the edge of the road. The vehicle rolled over and knocked down […]

30 Years in Prison for DUI Charge

Last Friday, John Harvey Hoots was sentenced to 30 years in prison for felony DUI. Apparently, Hoots have set a state record during his sentencing as 30 years is the longest prison sentence handed down by the court of law for felony DUI. The charges stemmed from July 2012 DUI incident. According to a witness, […]

53-Year Old Man Charged with DUI

After hitting a plow truck on Ruane Street last Thursday, 53-year old Kenneth Betza was charged with driving under the influence. According to report, Betza told that police that he did notice the plow as he passed the street but then it was too late for him to stop. When the officers arrived at the […]

25-Year Old Woman Arrested for DUI

Trina Armijo was arrested last arrested for DUI last Saturday after he was spotted by the authorities driving drunk with two children inside her vehicle. At around 8 p.m. last Saturday, police received a report from two witnesses saying they saw Armijo driving erratically on Cottonwood Heights. One of the witnesses saw the suspect hit […]

31-Year Old Man Arrested After Killing a Baby in a DUI Crash

Darren Curry was charged with driving under the influence after he got involved in a DUI crash last Saturday evening that left an 8-month old boy dead and five people injured. According to report, Curry was driving west in an eastbound lane when his vehicle struck a taxi head-on. Due to the collision’s impact, the […]

24-Year Old Man Faces DUI Charge

After hitting three pedestrians in west suburban Maywood last Thursday, Scott Stubler was charged with aggravated DUI. According to report, Stubler was driving his red Nissan Sentra on South 1st Avenue near Loyola University Medical Center when his vehicle swerved into the northbound lane and hit a bus with five passengers inside. After hitting the […]

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