Child Pornographer John Doe Still Being Tracked Down

Investigators with the Department of Homeland Security’s Cyber Crimes Center along with other authorities, are on the hunt for a man now still identified as “John Doe”. He is believed to have made some of the most widely viewed child pornography videos. Unfortunately, authorities only have one image of him, making him all the more elusive.

The group of investigators, based in Fairfax County, works with global law enforcement allies to capture child predators anywhere. “You can’t work this crime alone,” said Ian Quinn, head of the HIS Cyber Crimes Center. “You need your international partners in order to even conduct these investigations.” Detectives navigate through chat rooms and websites where child pornography is traded and then use state-of-the-art technology to zero in on the smallest of clues.

Back in 2010, over 900 child pornographers were arrested. That increased to 1,335 in 2011 and 1,655 in 2012. One of those arrested this year was a Letha Montemayor, believed to be John Doe’s counterpart.

The hunt is still on for John Doe. Authorities say he could be anywhere in the country or even the world.

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