Steps to Minimize Attorney Fees

An expensive fee may be the price you have to pay – literally – if you want the services of the best attorney in town. To guarantee a good defense, most clients disregard the steep fee and pay whatever the lawyer demands. Most attorneys charge their time through hourly billing, flat fee agreements or contingency agreements.

As you continue to enlist the services of an attorney, the costs are expected to continue rising as well. However, that doesn’t have to be the case as there are ways to work around and reduce charges. Follow these steps from “How to Minimize Attorney Fees“:
  • Compare hourly rates, flat fees and contingency fees. Choose an attorney whose fees are in the middle of your comparison or slightly lower.
  • Negotiate with your attorney prior to retaining his services. Your attorney may be willing to reduce his fees.
  • Choose an attorney that is an expert in the specific area of law in which you need assistance. If your attorney needs to research the issues because he’s not an expert, it will be more time consuming and you will be charged more.
  • Cooperate with your attorney. Prompt responses to your attorney’s requests will prevent unnecessary reminder calls and letters that cost you additional fees.
  • Write out an agenda prior to any meeting you have with your attorney. It will keep you on track regarding your questions and concerns, which will make the meeting shorter and less costly.
  • Determine what your goals are regarding your legal matter. Continued changes may require your attorney to change the way he works on your case, which will cost more money.

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