Poet Pablo Neruda’s Remains Exhumed by Chilean Authorities

Chilean AuthoritiesThe body of Nobel-Prize winning Chilean poet, Pablo Neruda was exhumed on Monday, years after his death on September 23. 1973. Official records say he passed away due to complications of prostate cancer. However, allegations by his former chauffeur, Manuel Araya, in 2011 have caused authorities to rethink the said cause of death.

Judge Mario Carroza ordered the investigation after Araya claimed that the poet may have received a lethal injection. One of Neruda’s attending physicians at Santiago’s Santa Maria Clinic, Sergio Draper, told an Argentine reporter that he had ordered the injection of a painkiller shortly before the poet’s death.
Neruda was a loyal supporter of friend, President Salvador Allende, who was overthrown from office on Sept. 11, 1973, shortly before the poet’s death. A coup that was lead by Gen. Augusto Pinochet, who became the succedent leader from 1973 to 1990, was responsible. Neruda passed away during a troubling time for Chile, along with about 10,000 dissidents who disappeared or were killed by the armed forces.
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