No Jail Time for DUI Death Rages Victim’s Family Members

Bobby Stout, a disabled man was hit and killed by a drunk driver. The driver and her passenger,who grabbed the wheel, are not facing jail time. Family members are angered. Both pleaded no contest to the charges against them and will serve one year of community control.

The state attorney’s office sent an email to Channel 9 that the plea deal was approved by the majority of the family members of the victim but the prosecutor told the judge that the sentence was based on the facts as well as circumstances of the case, not the family’s wishes.

According to Penny Stout, the sister of the victim, “It’s as if we’re saying, ‘Come to Orlando, get drunk, kill and just get probation”.

The driver, Nataile Houle, had a blood alcohol level twice the legal limit. Her passenger, Travis Main, was also drunk according to reports.

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