National Transportation Safety Board Wish to Lower DUI Limit

National Transportation Safety Board Wish to Lower DUI LimitThe National Transportation Safety Board’s desire to lower the current blood alcohol level form 0.8 to 0.5 has gotten violent reactions from many individuals, particularly owners of restaurants and pubs. They are against the fact that a person may be arrested or penalized for perfectly responsible drinking behavior, moreover, charged with a DUI for driving when they are completely capable. Understandably, establishment owners feel this move may affect their liquor sales.

In response to this, NTSB chair Debbie Hersman said, “We are not focused on getting people to not have a drink of wine or a beer at dinner. We’re focused on getting impaired drivers off the road and behind the wheel. Impairment begins with your first drink.”
A reporter for Times also stated that when nations like Australia cut their limit from .08 to .05, an 18% drop in fatalities was observed. If this was iimplemented in America, citizens may also experience the same increase in safety on the road.

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