Marijuana Possession More Common Than Violent Crimes

Marijuana Possession More Common Than Violent CrimesIn 2011, marijuana possession arrests totaled 663,032 — more than arrests for all violent crimes combined. Possession arrests have nearly doubled since 1980, according to an FBI report, while teen marijuana use recently reached a 30-year high.

An arrest happens every 42 seconds, 86 percent of which are for marijuana possession.This may be due to Americans’ belief that it should be legalized for recreation. Although some states have allowed the legal use of marijuana, majority of America still considers it illegal under federal law.
It has been estimated that the annual cost of marijuana arrests have reached more than $10 billion, which means a lot of taxpayers money goes into the incarceration of marijuana users and dealers. New York Governor, Andre Cuomo has suggested to decriminalize possession that is less than 15 grams.
Visit the Huffington Post for more on the story.

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