Man Dies a Day After Winning Lottery; Foul Play Suspected

Urooj Khan, a lottery winner died a day after he scratched off his million dollar winner of a ticket last July. Examiners initially thought that he had died of natural causes, now however, they are suspecting foul play.

Authorities are convinced that Khan ingested a lethal dose of cyanide. The investigation triggered by relatives insistence for a more expanded investigation on his death.
“It’s pretty unusual,” said Cook County Medical Examiner Stephen Cina, commenting on the rarity of cyanide poisonings. “I’ve had one, maybe two cases out of 4,500 autopsies I’ve done.”
Khan was pronounced dead July 20 at a hospital, but it is not known where he was when he fell ill, citing the ongoing investigation. The external exam showed no signs of trauma on Khan’s body.
Read more about the story here.

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