Laptop Theft Creates Stir

Laptop Theft Creates StirA missing laptop has caused quite a stir in New Jersey and now even on social media websites. The laptop, a Lenovo ThinkPad T420, was stolen from one of the labs in a university building in New Brunswick, N.J last April 19. Apparently, the owner of the laptop, a student who refused to be identified, had 5 years worth of his doctoral research due to be submitted soon with his thesis defense schedule just around the corner.

In dire need of recovering his laptop, he posted fliers around campus saying, “If you stole my laptop and now you are reading this letter, I would like to say that you can keep the computer and I would like to pay you money for my data under D drive. The data is my FIVE-YEAR work,” the flier reads, describing the computer folder holding his thesis information.

I only need that folder for my thesis defense, which is coming very soon. I would like to pay you $1,000 and use whatever way you offer to send you the money. The price is negotiable. . . . PLEASE contact me and I would appreciate it so so much!!!”
After reading the flier and understanding the urgency of the situation, a fellow student posted the photo on Facebook, and from there the photo circulated around the site like wildfire, reaching over 30,000 shares.
However, police have a different opinion on the widespread circulation of the student’s plight, some saying it invites fraud, especially since the desperate student offered to pay a reward.
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