How to Determine if You Hired a Suitable Attorney

How to Determine if You Hired a Suitable AttorneyThere are times when you hire someone because you are impressed by his credentials and experience in the field. This may happen when you are deciding on an attorney to hire. However, somewhere along the way, you may come to realize that the attorney you hired to defend you falls short of your expectations.

When you feel your attorney is not adequately representing you, there are steps you can take to help you determine whether or not this is the best attorney for you.

  • Keep a record of events. When you realize that you need to hire an attorney, keep everything documented
  • Make notes of when phone calls are made to the attorney and keep track of how long it takes for the attorney to return your phone calls.
  • Make a list of all the questions you have so when you do talk to the attorney, you can more easily make sure all of your questions have been addressed all at once.
  • If calls are not returned timely or deadlines start being missed, address these concerns in writing via certified mail before problems are created that may be difficult or impossible to fix later. These may be red flags.
  • If you do have to terminate your attorney’s services, this should also be done by certified mail with the reasons clearly stated for the termination. Ask for your file, an itemized bill for all services rendered, and a refund if you feel the attorney has been overpaid.

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