Happy Days Of Drink Driving Cyclists In Germany Could Be Over Soon

Happy Days Of Drink Driving Cyclists In Germany Could Be Over SoonThe happy times of drink driving cyclists in Germany could soon be a thing of the past. The national government of Germany is strongly thinking of reducing the country’s loose drink driving threshold for cyclists. The German state interior ministers decided to make the move since the latest data they gathered have shown that 10 bike accidents in the European country are the result of riders under the influence of alcohol.
“Nobody can travel safely at the current limit of 1.6,” Boris Pistorius, Lower Saxony’s state interior minister said to the media. Based on the data gathered by the General German Bicycle Association, 3725 cyclists involved in accidents during 2011 were under the influence of alcohol. I am not from Germany but I totally agree with the would be move from the German government.
As the saying goes, you should not drink and drive, regardless of the fact that you are “driving” a bike. Hopefully, the German government will indeed reduce their country’s loose drinking threshold for the sake of the German cyclists. Read this story in full by visiting this link.

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