Criminal Stays in Britain Because of Human Rights

Criminal Stays in Britain Because of Human RightsBecause of the blunder of Britain’s Home Office, an Iraqi man who has been jailed for violent disorder is now allowed to stay in the United Kingdom. He won his case against being deported citing human rights grounds.

Hazhar Hassan Taha filed a case against his deportation after his release from jail. The Home Office tried to appeal to the judge against the apparent abuse of laws concerning human rights. The problem is that the government agencies involved failed to submit the necessary paperwork which led to the dismissal of the appeal by the Home Office.

Here is a part of an article by David Barrett for The Telegraph: “The error meant Upper Immigration Tribunal Judge Richard Chalkley dismissed the Home Office case without a hearing, and Taha is now free to remain in this country indefinitely.

The case highlights how shortcomings within the Home Office itself are thwarting the Government’s aim to deport more foreign criminals.”

The shortcoming is frustrating many lawmakers today. You can read the full article here.

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