Charged With a Pornography Crime in Virginia Beach? You Need Experienced Defense!

If you are convicted on charges of possession, usage, or production of child pornography, laws invariably call for severe punishment under the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines.

Serious Charges? You Need Some Serious, Aggressive Defense

Many times those convicted face sentences of 20 years or more or even up to life in prison.

Usually there are no eyewitnesses when it comes to child pornography — only computer records that may or may not prove guilt — and sometimes people are wrongly convicted for something they absolutely did not do.

Computer Forensics Can Be Deceiving

Many times, individuals accidentally surf their way onto sites that contain illegal pornographic images and later find themselves in legal hot water.

Prosecutors are anxious to convict those accused of child pornography and all to often, those accused are convicted in the court of public opinion even before they get to trial.

Because many of the child pornography cases are quite complicated, your attorney must have experience with how computers and the internet work. Jason Swango understands the technology behind these charges and knows best how to protect your rights.

Jason Swango protects the legal rights of those accused of state or federal criminal laws that are related to child pornography, including:

  • Use of pornography
  • Possession of pornography
  • Distribution of pornography

Jason Swango believes in the ‘presumption of innocence’ and will work hard to defend your rights.

He is here for you, ready to implement a worthwhile strategy for your pornography defense – if you choose to go to trial — or willing to potentially work with the prosecution to secure you an optimal plea deal.

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